May 24, 2009


Sophie's friend Natalia is fearless.

She is confident and strong and jumps into whatever life has to offer, leaving doubt for others to worry about.

Sophie is more tentative and says "I can't" on occasion, but she also doesn't like to be left out.

As a result, she will follow Natalia's lead into unknown territory (like rock-climbing walls and scary-looking monkey bars at the playground).

To be fair, Natalia's older brother, Sebastian, (not pictured because he was playing beach volleyball with a bunch of grownups) likely has something to do with Natalia's propensity to jump in. She also does not like to be left out.

We like Natalia's influence and are happy they are friends.

Raising a confident daughter is what any of us can hope for.

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Medialust said...

oh!... don't forget the spontaneous hi-five... priceless... :)